Iskandar Halal Park, in collaboration with Shanghai Alif Investment Group, exploring halal business opportunity within One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiatives.

Shanghai Alif Investment Group, headed by its Chairman Mr Ding Hou Fei, had a 3 day working visit from 13 to 15 Feb 2019 to the Iskandar Region in Johor Malaysia visiting projects under the Group’s program as part of its implementation of One Belt One Road Initiatives (OBOR).

Mr Ding Hou Fei is leading a consortium of Investors from China to implement a range of projects from Halal Industry, Property and Asset Management, Bi-lateral Trade of Malaysian and China products linking the markets of China-Malaysia as part of a bigger initiative under the OBOR program that the Group is implementing in the ASEAN Region.

By partnering Halbiz International Sdn Bhd, a Government linked company under the Religious Body of Johor, Shanghai Alif Investment Group has identified an influential local partner in Malaysia with the strategic networks and capabilities to unlock the potential of a Global partnership in linking the markets of ASEAN and China, as envisage by the OBOR initiatives initiated by the Chinese Premiere President Xi Jinping.

During the visit, Mr Ding Hou Fei and Dr Mohidin Yahya, CEO of Halbiz International Sdn Bhd , visited Iskandar Halal Park (IHP) to discuss the implementation of its vision to become the hub for sourcing & distribution of halal products to the global market. The park aims to leverage on the growing trade flow of halal products for both local and international markets.

Potential exports oriented products from Malaysia for the OBOR region initiatives have been identified.  The Group has visited Herbal plantation and processing plant, Durian plantation and MD2 pineapple plantation in Johor.

The projects will conform to the Global standard designed to meet the global demand for authenticated, anti-fraud food security system which also meets international standards for environmental control.

The joint partnership of Shanghai Alif Investment Group and Halbiz International Sdn Bhd, has formed a Taskforce Committee to oversee the implementation of Projects and timeline for the launching of the projects as part of the program to increase socio-economic well-being of the communities that the project serves under the OBOR initiatives connecting ASEAN and China.